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How to Rent Car

Car rental rates in Nett website and apply for the citizen or the holder of KIM’S / Permits.

To rent a car without a driver, the tenant must have a sim A, provide a place to stay and no hotel room, no HP and photocopy ID cards.

We will not use personal information for things that violate the law.

Price rental car without driver allrisk include insurance, if there is damage to car renters must bear the cost of repairing a maximum of Rp. 3,500,000.

If the tenant to use the car exceeds the time limit, it will cost you 10% per hour overtime. For more than 6 hours, rent will be calculated to 1 day.

To rent a car without driver, car usage is only allowed to the island of Bali alone.

Cancellation of rental cars can be done for 3 × 24 hours before the due day rental. Cancellation of rental cars 2 × 24h DP is not refundable.

Car lease payment system is payment of at least Rp. 100.000, – and the rest of the payment is received or when the car began to be used.

If you are sending via BCA or Bank Danamon enough info to us via SMS, email, telephone-chek we’ll know on the internet, then we will send you an invoice or proof of payment to your email address.

We have every right to refuse or cancel the lease unilaterally, with reason enough tenants such as the data incomplete and unclear.

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